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About Marvin

I have been involved in football for many years at numerous levels, I have experienced poor mental health whilst playing football for example coming to terms with the realisation that I was not going to be able to play football for a living. I was also lucky to be asked to be a part of a Basement Jaxx music video, I had worked my way from a clerk to a team leader within finance departments covering, media and advertising, charity, construction and Hospitality industries.

This has brought many challenges and has mainly provided me with good mental health but there have been moments of poor mental health that I have had to overcome without the support and experience that I offer.

Going through problems myself as well as having a varied life has helped me find my calling, Helping people has always been a passion of mine now I get to help anyone that needs it which gives me great satisfaction.

I specialise in poor mental health within sports as well as corporate team leader training as poor mental health in the workplace is also on the rise.

My Qualifications

  • Life Coaching - Helping people to Achieve their goals
  • Counselling - Helping people overcome issues in their past or present
  • Personal Training - Helping people with overall health
  • Advanced Nutrition strategies - Helping people with their diet strategy
  • FA Junior Team leader award
  • Football Coaching - Mentoring and improving individuals
  • Team leaders award - Helping people lead teams effectively, which helps improves team's productivity and wellbeing.
  • Generic Tutor Training Award - Helps me to tutor people effectively.
  • Mental Health in the workplace