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About Me

About Marvin

I have been luckily enough to play against some top European players and to be on the same UEFA A Licence course as a few world class players the likes of:

Gianfranco Zola
Gianluca Festa
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink
Dennis Wise
Neil Harris

I Specialize in mental health within Sports

I have helped and continue to provide support to a wide range of sports people from youth level to professional level, my skills are transferable across all sports not just football.
I have been involved in football for many years at numerous levels, I have experienced moments of poor mental health both in and outside of the game, these experiences along with my skill set have made the service that I provide a growing success. I was also lucky to be asked to take part in a Basement Jaxx music video, I have been counselling people for a while now covering a wide range of mental health conditions,. I have recently decided to specialize in helping sports people overcome moments of poor mental health which can effect a players performance levels, development, motivation and discipline sports also brings potentially its own unique problems.

I also Support companies and there staff members with work related stress and anxiety, Having experience work related stress and ended up effecting my mental state in a negative way, I understand that stress at work not only effects you but also effects people that are close to you.
now that I have qualifications and experience in coping and resolving work related stress, it is time for me to help others

By law, an employer is under a duty to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of their workforce, so far as is reasonably practicable, including their mental wellbeing. Work-related stress is now widely recognised in the UK as a serious health and safety issue, where employers are duty bound to treat this condition like any other workplace hazard.

Please look at at the Mental Health Within Sports Page and free mind - staff support for businesses page.

My Qualifications

  • Mental Health within the work place - Helping staff and business resolve any work related stress or anxiety issues
  • Life Coaching - Helping people to Achieve their goals
  • Counselling - Helping people overcome moments of poor mental health
  • Personal Training - Helping people with overall health
  • Advanced Nutrition strategies - Helping people with their diet strategy
  • FA Junior Team leader award
  • FA Safeguarding Children Recertification Certificate
  • Football Coaching - Mentoring and improving individuals
  • Team leaders award - Helping people lead teams effectively, which helps improves team's productivity and wellbeing.
  • Generic Tutor Training Award - Helps me to tutor people effectively.
  • Mental Health in the workplace