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Mobile Team Leader Workshops

Team Leader Workshop

Many of my clients seem to be going through poor mental health due to work pressures and in some cases issues with line managers. Research shows that managers very rarely get good training or attend workshops regarding management skills or general people skills. I have designed a workshop that will help new and existing managers get the best out of their team which also benefits the company that they work for. Poor mental health at work has an impact on the business as well as an impact on the individual and their performance, which may affect their career.

The workshop helps managers with the following and more:

Spotting signs of poor mental health within the team.
Potential reasons behind poor mental health in the workplace.
Positive support and management towards team members.
Setting realistic goals and objectives.
What the team expects from a leader.

The affects of poor mental health within the team
The affects of poor communication
The affects of poor leadership
The affects of setting unrealistic goals

One of the main reasons in which businesses and their industries are affected is financially. If employees are not performing their roles well, failing to complete their work or taking time off work due to poor mental health this will have an impact on the company. It is estimated that the annual cost of poor mental health to UK employers is around 25.9 billion. Depression costs businesses around £8 billion in lost productivity each year in England. Schizophrenia costs £3.4 billion. Bipolar costs £1.8 billion

Combined this comes to £13.2 billion in lost productivity, and this is before taking into consideration conditions such as anxiety which affect more people worldwide than schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and therefore is likely to cost even more.

I deliver an effective workshop by using the combined skills from not only my qualifications but also my many years of working in an office environment which ranged from a clerk to a team leader and experiencing both good and bad leadership along which led me to the beginning stages of poor mental health. The duration of the workshop roughly half a working day.

Content of workshop

  • Help with the transition of a promoted member of staff who now manages a team
  • Help improve the team management skills of an existing supervisor and manager
  • Help managers or supervisors understand what is expected or required from them by their team.
  • Help managers or supervisors re-programme their outlook to enhance team performance
  • A greater understanding of the position they hold and the effects their actions could have on their team.
  • Help managers or supervisors look for a change in a team members behaviour which could affect productivity and team moral. (awareness of potential mental health problems)
  • How to manage your boss