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Free Mind - Parent support service

Free Mind - Parent support service

Free Mind

As parents you are hugely invested in the progression of your child regarding football a game that we all love. You a loving parent understand more about the game than my parents did, parents now understand Formations, Players Positions, Style of Play, Patterns of play.

But there is a lot more to the game that you don't know

The impact a negative mental state (poor mental health) would have on your child's performances and development.
What kind of things may affect your child's state of mind
Signs to look out for if you are worried about your child's state of mind
Key attributes that professional clubs look for in a young player
How you can take more control of your child's development

*Free mind is more about the support on offer to you as a busy parent

Parent Support

This is for parents that might be experiencing difficulties whether it be

  • Dealing with a traumatic event
  • Work related stress
  • Challenging relationship
  • Anxiety
  • Challenging work/life balance

Session Fee

  • £1 a minute

Who will benefit the most from this service?

  • Your child or children that you love so much
  • You and your family

Why is this so important

  • Football can take you from great high's to even greater low's, witnessing your child go through this can also effect your state of mind
  • The support is designed to help you overcome and obstacles that might be stopping you from thinking clearly or stopping you from having a balanced mental state.

Confidential and non judgemental style or support