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Life Coaching / Counselling

What is inner-self life counselling

Inner Self Life Counselling is a fusion of Life Coaching and Counselling. In short counselling helps you with your past and present and life coaching helps you with your present and future. You have all of the answers I work as your conscience to help you figure things out and to overcome any obstacles during your journey through life. You will receive empathy and kindness in a safe, warm, non-judgemental space. Together we will explore your thoughts and feelings to help you gain self-awareness, greater clarity inner strength and understanding. to help you move forward.

Life can be so tough at times and it can be helpful to talk to someone outside of your current circle of friends and family. Sometimes just being heard can bring such relief. I use both Directive and non-directive methods; this will depend on the help that is required by you the client, but overall I use Client-Centred therapy. There is no pressure please contact me today and start your journey to recovery or success. The duration of each session is 50min.

Life Coaching / Counselling Covers:

  • Career Coaching
  • Health Coaching
  • Relationship and Family Counselling
  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Targeted Behavioural Coaching
  • Poor Mental Health within Sports
  • Personal/Life Coaching - A greater understanding of your inner-self which will help you take full control of your life.

I have merged Counselling and Life Coaching which gives clients a more all round experience on their journey of recovery. We currently live in a strange time so in order to reach potential clients this service is now online and sessions can take place on multiple platforms. all sessions are strictly confidential.

Personal life coach

I coach individuals to gain awareness of and clarify their personal goals and priorities, better understand their thoughts, feelings, and options, and take appropriate actions to change their lives, accomplish their goals, and feel more fulfilled.

Poor Mental Health within Sports

I help young sports people overcome the heart break of being told that they will not have the opportunity to be a professional. Some of us have dreams of being the greatest at the sport or hobby that we like to do, over time our sport or hobby turns to an addiction and our love for it turns to passion. In reality only a small percentage of us get the opportunity to live out our dreams or what we think are our dreams, I help people rediscover their purpose.
I also work with professional's deal with the pressures and stresses that come with their position.

Relationship coaching

I help clients with the following.

  • Couples that have become distant and wish to get back to how it used to be.
  • Growing tension within the household.
  • Parents reconnecting with teenage children within the household.

Health coaching

Health coaching centres around wellbeing understanding and support covering, Weight loss and keeping the weight off, Fitness in relation to your body type, Lifestyle changes for a healthier way of life.

Career coaching

I coach individuals to identify what they want and need from their career, then make decisions and take the needed actions to accomplish their career objectives in balance with the other parts of their lives. I myself have achieved each goal that I have set for myself, let me help you achieve yours.

Behavioural Coaching

I provide targeted behavioural coaching helping individuals to change specific behaviours, habits or learn new, more effective ways to work and interact with others.

Anxiety and or Depression

Help with anxiety and or depression, which has a major affect of peoples lives.

What is the difference between Counselling and Coaching?

Counselling Coaching
Oriented towards healing and brokenness Oriented toward health, wholeness, and potential
Restores and maintains stability and functionality Embarks on a journey toward fullness and calling
Focused on insight regarding the past and how to relieve pain Focused on the future and how to pursue passions and dreams.
Usually and includes a DSM diagnosis and treatment plan Usually includes establishment of personal goals on measures progress toward objectives
A counselor is generally seen as an expert that can provide intervention, insight, and advice that could not be gained without the counsellors help Coach is generally seen as a partner, guide, and catalyst in the client discovering their own calling and finding their own way to make progress toward the objectives