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Mental Health Within Sports Support Service

Video Introduction

Young sports People

Increasing pressure to succeed are affecting some children and adults in sports, at a young age it is hard for children to identify with certain emotions.
dealing with such things as:

  • Rejection (being released or not being picked for competitions)
  • Pressure to improve
  • Preparing for trials
  • Consistently playing at a high level
  • Reaction to underperforming
  • Joining a new team
  • Social pressures and more
  • Body image and more

Without help or coaching these emotions can manifest and contribute to deeper issues either straight away or later in life, such as

  • Low self esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Why is this service important

Poor mental health is on the rise and it is starting to affect us at a younger age, if we ignore signs or don't put in measures in place to help our children deal with any moments or poor mental health it may have a never-ending effect on them in later life.

Parents should look for the following signs

Change in sleep patterns
Withdrawing for family or social situations
Change in eating habits
Reduction in concentration
Reduction in motivation
Change in behaviour patterns at home, School or Socially
Change in emotions (Anger, Sensitivity)

Established Sports People

This service also helps Academy players and established Sports People with the following:

  • Being released from a club
  • Pressures of living in the spotlight
  • Unfulfillment
  • Under achievement
  • Under performing
  • Planning for what happens after sport
  • Sporting Stress
  • Anxiety within sports

These are transferrable across all sports not just football

If you have any questions please contact me

There's a point in the majority of athlete's careers when they realize they won't achieve their goals. Some walk away, others continue but they all carry that sense of loss with them and it can manifest outside their sporting lives.

I am not a salesman I have no sales pitches.
Please remember seeking help is a strength not a weakness. Try not to suffer in silence I am one of many people who are here to help you, every single person that I help becomes apart of a growing family.

Session Fee £1 a min